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Dear ones, I am always on the hunt for THE perfect snapshot, for the photo that tells a story or just looks great on a postcard. After a series of pictures, I finally have my shot, with which I am satisfied – but something is not right. I want to adjust the brightness, sharpen a bit, retouch a skin imperfection or use a vintage filter to create the perfect photo from my great shot. For this I am always looking for the best photo app to find.

Photo editing in Android device is no more a difficult job to do. But still, you need to make a choice of Best photo Editing App for Android for eye-catching pictures. There are tons of options available, with their own unique features and advantages. Here we listed out 14 Best Photo Editing App for Android to make tour editing fun and easy.

Photo applications are endless, but you don’t need every tool. Which you urgently need for your pictures I show you today. Grab your smartphone, we’ll turn your great photos into little works of art!

Best Photo App #1Snapseed


Snapseed is the photo app when it comes to retouching portraits.

You start with the filters, also called looks: Here you will find a small selection. These are not necessarily worth mentioning. But what makes the app special are the editing tools. Brightnesses can be adjusted via different curves, the optimization of colors becomes child’s play and also the perspectives can be changed according to your mood.

Retrofilters allow you to give your photos a special look: You can choose between grunge, retrolux or vintage.

But why do I recommend this app to you? Editing portraits was (almost) never easier! The “repair” tool makes skin irregularities disappear by magic. The Portrait mode helps you to optimally adjust the skin color and already suggests combinations that actually work without looking artificial. And really crazy: The app provides a tool with which you can not only adjust the “head position”, but also enlarge your eyes and intensify the smile. Of course I have tested all functions to the extreme (with partly bizarre results) – my tip, always very careful with such distortion tools. And more often, you can start the before and after comparison, you can quickly get lost in such tools.

Snapseed is a professional and user-friendly photo editing app owned by Google. It is equipped with all the necessary feature you need as a Photographer. The app has around 29 tools and filters with lots of beautiful frames with adjustable size. It is easy to use and has all the basic features like Tune Image, White Balance, Crop, Portrait and has more than 30 stylish texts to make your photos more attractive. It also supports the dark theme mode for long use. The app is free to use and is ads-free.

Special Features of Snapseed

  • Edit JPG and RAW files.
  • Automatic Mode for Contrast and adjustment of colors.
  • User can directly share the edited images on social media like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Dark theme mode in the app.

Best Photo App #2Pixlr

I want to be honest with you: This app doesn’t completely knock me off my feet. I don’t find the adjustments very user-friendly and sometimes a bit inaccurate (especially in the retouching of disadvantages). Many filters also look a bit clumsy. Here are better applications to make it as easy as possible for you to edit your photos.

I mention Pixlr despite the losses, because their text tools are very varied. So whenever you want to label your shot, put a button on the picture or need a sticker for a special occasion – Pixlr will help you. Although the frames seem a bit kitschy, the fonts score well. These range from standard, elegant and handwriting styles to current trend typographies. Just in Instagram and Co. a real eye-catcher!

Pixlr is a free photo editing tool loaded with amazing features. The app has a wide range of tools and effects which you will love to explore as a user. It has more than 2 Million combinations of filters, effects and overlay to use. It is loaded with Auto-fix feature for instant advancement of colours in one touch. You can easily create a photo collage with varieties of preset collage, grid style, customized ratio , and background. After finishing off your editing you can share it on different social networking sites. The app is free to use with in-app purchases. It contains ads.

Special Features of Pixlr

  • Over 2 Million combinations of effects and filters.
  • Auto-fix feature to balance colour in one simple touch.
  • Favourite button to keep your favourite effects and overlays.
  • Share photos on social network sites like Instagram, Facebook , and more others.

Best Photo App #3VSCO


As one or the other reader might have noticed – whenever it comes to the best photo app, VSCO does not remain uncommented with me. But there are many good reasons for this. Most importantly, the application offers great filtering that does the style of Facebook and Instagram justice! In addition, the operation is uncomplicated and in a few clicks you have pimped your good photo to the perfect shot.

Suitable for a quick snapshot as well as an elaborately taken holiday photo, for a portrait as well as for landscapes.


And the hype about this app is great, on Instagram bloggers and influencers even use the hashtag #vscoapp. My hot tip for great image editing with VSCO: Check out Pinterest, here you’ll find many filters with sample shots.

VSCO is an advanced photo editing tools with some stunning features, which makes your photos look more attractive and beautiful. It has more than 130 VSCO preset and basic editing tools like contrast, adjustment, cropping, border, vignette, saturation, HSL and grain. it has its own private community for there creators and the best creator gets a chance to be curated by VSCO. It also allows your edited images to share on social networking sites. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases.

Special Features of VSCO

  • More than 30 VSCO presets.
  • A private community for creators.
  • Tutorial tailored to get the best from the app.
  • Let you share edited subject on social media apps.

Best Photo App #4Black
White Camera


In a world where we put colorful filters and bright colors over all our photos, black and white photos are a beautiful aesthetic change, aren’t they?! To make such great monochrome shots you don’t necessarily need an analog camera and a black and white film. Grab your smartphone and start taking pictures. But please, please don’t do one thing: Set the SW mode while taking a picture. It could be that you regret this in the end, namely if the photo in color would have looked much better.

To get the best black and white results from your photos, download the Black and White Camera. This app provides you with a large amount of SW filters – there is something for every taste. You can also find various effects and retro filters here. So you can insert your photo into filmstrip templates or use cool aperture spots à la Hipster.


There’s one thing I’d like to add: Adjustments in brightness, contrast etc. are not possible. So, my tip for you: First send your photo through the black and white camera and fine-tune it with VSCO.

Interested in black and white photography? Then have a look at this article, here I have written down my 10 most important tips for a breathtaking black and white picture.


Best Photo App #5 Airbrush


Last but not least I would like to introduce you to my personal favourite photo app. Airbrush also takes care of the fine tuning of your portraits and is perfect for retouching of any kind.

Why am I so excited? Because the Beauty Magic mode, i.e. the automatic optimization of your recording, almost always looks good! But if you still don’t like something, you can also correct individual settings. The app can also smooth the skin and make impurities disappear in a matter of seconds. Even dark circles are no longer a problem from now on. And when one or the other detail has to be brought into the right form: With the “Form” tool you steer everything in the right direction.


Or even better: let the app make you up. Use the make-up tool to choose different styles. Whether Nude Lipstick or Rosy Wängchen – make-up per app works refreshingly well and discreetly.

Whether Selfie Queen or hobby portrait photographer for every occasion – for a quick and easy upgrade of your portraits is provided with Airbrush.

AirBrush is one of the best retouch tools to edit your images. It has cool filters with a user-friendly interface to make your photos more attractive. The app has a built-in camera with lots of live effects. It includes features like a blemish and pimple remover, whitens teeth, brightens eyes, artistic retouching, etc. The has real-time editing technology to edit your selfie before taking a picture. It also has natural, radiant filters to enhance your images and give them a beautiful finishing touch and can add natural-looking makeup like blush or Mascara using filters. It also allows you to share images on your social media handle. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases. It contains ads.

Special Features of AirBrush

  • Real-time editing technology.
  • Natural and radiant filters for natural-looking makeup.
  • Artistic retouching feature.


Picsart is one of the best photo editing app for Android in 2019, with over 500 Million downloads on Playstore. The reason behind the success is it gives you lots of free options to customize your images. The app has a built-in camera facility and has its own picsart community. It allows you to share your edited images on social networking sites. The app is available in free and as well as the paid version, which unlocks lots of effects, stickers, fonts, masks, etc. However, you have to deal with ads If you are not a picsart gold user.

Special Features of Picsart

  • In-built camera feature.
  • You can make a double exposure using a layer with adjustable transparency.
  • Picsart has its own community.
  • Let you share images on social networking sites.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photos editing app for quick, easy and powerful editing for mobile users. The app comes with all the essential editing features like crop, straighten, rotate, flip photo, etc. It has an auto-fix feature for one-touch adjustment for white balance, exposure, and contrast. It also has a noise reduction feature to minimize unwanted grain and speckling in low light photos and Defog feature to reduce fog and haze from your photos. However, these feature to access only when you sign in with your adobe id. The app is free to use and let you share your photos on different social network sites.

Special Features of Adobe

  • It has 80+ realistic photo effects.
  • Import and edit photos in RAW format.
  • Let you design your own Watermark.
  • Easily share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on other social networks.

Youcam Perfect

Youcam Perfect is an easy to use photo editor app for Android, where you can edit your photos on the go in a few simple steps. The app has an in-built camera feature and real-time skin beauty effect to achieve a flawless face in every photo. It includes features like one-touch filter, photo crop, rotate, HDR effects and mosaic pixelate to blur the background. It also had a green screen feature to cut out unwanted things from photos and add a new background. The app also has a tool called a unique intelligent object, which makes this app different from other photo editor app. The app is free to download and contains ads.

Special Features of Youcam

  • Real-time skin beautifying effects.
  • Scrapbook frames and recording studio stickers.
  • It has a green screen for photos.
  • Multi face detection feature to touch up every face in the group shots.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab is a simple and intuitive app which gives a realistic and unique touch to your photos. It has more than 900 effects for your photos, which includes photo frames, animated effects, face photo montage and lots of more photo filters to choose from. The app is user-friendly and is packed with all the basic tools you need while editing your photos like crop, rotate, collage maker and touch up. The app is free to use with some in-app purchases.

Special Features of Photo Lab

  • A vast collection which includes more than 900 effects.
  • Face photo montage feature.
  • It has over 50 pre-set style to choose from.


PhotoDirector is the easiest photo editing app. It has a user-friendly interface where you can use photo filter with just one touch to create light leak photos or apple lens flare effects to your photos. The app has an in-built camera with live photo effect feature to apply photo effects in real-time. It also has preset photo effects like Lomo, HDR, Vignette and Artistic etc. The app allows you to share your edited photos directly on the different social media platform. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases.

Special Features of PhotoDirector

  • One-touch filter to your photos.
  • In-app camera with live photo effects.
  • Dehaze tool to remove fog and haze from images.
  • Share edited images directly on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites.


TouchRetouch is a photo editing tool used for removing unwanted subjects from your photos. It is easy to use and you can remove unwanted subjects with just one tap. The app can be used for removing telephone wires, power lines, photobomber, street signs, trash cans, surface breaks and scratches. You can also remove pimples, skin blemishes with its lunapic photo editor. It has a Quick repair feature, which removes the object just by marking them, One-touch fixes to vanish unwanted objects by just marking them. The app is available in both free as well as the paid version. The paid version is ads-free while the free version contains ads.

Special Features of TouchRetouch

  • Quick repair feature to remove object just by marking them.
  • Innovative line removal to click over a piece of a line to remove it whole.
  • Tutorial within the app to use it with full potential.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor is one of the best photo editing app for Android to unleash your creativity. It has more than 120 Million users. The app has more than 300 art styles in art filters library. Prisma Photo editor is a realistic photo editing tool which makes your photo look as if Picasso or Munch himself painted it for you. It has image enhancement tools to enhance the editing quality of your photos. The app also includes basic features like exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. Prisma has its own community to share your creativity with millions of people’s. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases and contains ads.

Special Features of Prisma

  • It has more than 300 Art styles.
  • The app introduces a new Art style every day.
  • A private community for Prisma creators.


PhotoStudio is a powerful photo editing app with over 500 font styles and cool photo effects. The app has more the 200 filters, effects, picture-in-picture effects, frames, stickers, texture, shapes, etc. It also has a correction tool which includes lighting tune, colour correction, darkness, lens boost, blur and many more. The app also has a user manual correction and mask correction tool to fix or improve any part of your photo and to apply filter, effects or tune your photos to look more beautiful. It also has a collage editor to combine several photos and make a beautiful photo collage with a wide range of frames, templates, stickers, etc. The app is free with in-app purchases and contains ads.

Special Features of PhotoStudio

  • It has more than 200 unique filters, effects, frames, stickers, etc.
  • A collection of more than 500 fonts styles and effects.
  • User manual correction tool to fix or improve the quality of your images.

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor app is one of the best photo editing app for Android. It is packed with lots of cool features and tools to enhance the quality of your images. The app contains a wide range of effects and filters. It also has unlimited styles, including Film, Vintage, B&W, kaleidoscope etc. The app has a photo collar tool with different template styles like classic and magazine collage template. The Fotor update their stickers, border, frames, filters and photo stitch weekly to make you experience a fresh new design every day of the week.

Special Features of Fotor

  • ‘Enhance’ feature with the slide of the screen for quick adjustment.
  • A huge range of photo effects and filters to choose from.
  • Join weekly photo contests and get rewarded for your creativity.


Facetune is a professional selfie editing tool for the people who love taking selfies. It is a portrait photo editing app. The app is easy to use and capable of making your selfies insta-worthy with its tools and filters. Facetune is an award-winning selfie editor app. It has super-advanced technology for fun and easy editing. It also lets you whiten teeth, remove pimples and blemishes, correct bad lighting and upgrade makeup in few swipes. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases and contains ads.

Special Features of Facetune

  • Super advanced technology for easy editing.
  • An artistic and retouching tool to retouch your selfies with a professional tool.
  • Let you share edited selfies directly on different social networking sites.

We listed our Best Photo Editing App for Android. Let us know in the comment section, whether your favorite photo editing app is in the list or not?

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This makes photography super easy and post-production child’s play.

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