Editorial Policy

Before we receive a camera or a set of lens to test and write a review, we receive a press release with a PDF file and links to the document repository of the manufacturer, that normally is Microsoft SharePoint or Office365. With that press release, we write a first article introducing the gear to the readers and including the pictures as well.

Later on, we receive the camera with a set of lens for testing. This camera is received from a licensed distributor, or we rent it in Chicago in order to perform the review. Regarding lens, sometimes we receive lens for which we do not have a suitable camera, so we have to rent the camera to do the review.

For the review, we use testing software and our own practice where we try to reproduce the user experience of beginners and the one that a professional photographer will be looking at.

In the article we write our own opinions and if there is a strong disagreement in the user comments or in the social networks to our article, we wil mention that many users disagreed with our analysis on a specific topic.

The article is reviewed by two online writers that check the grammar and the style, for example: to avoid too many repetitions of “under the hood” or “ambitious photographers” , to make the paragraphs shorter, to add more headings, to replace words, etc.

After that, the other photographer who did not write the article, will review it and see if there is something to change: normally, comments like “compare it with the previous model to understand if there were actually improvements”, “describe more if it covers the expectations of a beginner explaining how automatic programs work”, in order to make the articles better.