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We Are PhotoPoint. At photopoint.com, we are an editorially independent website and we are one of the largest digital photography website that is not owned totally or partially by a large corporation thus maintaining our independence and freedom to publish honest articles and reviews.

Our editorial goal is to furnish authoritative advice regarding tips for amateur photographers, comments and discussions on the new photography trends and furthermore, we provide expert reviews of digital photography gear for the United States photography market, encompassing cameras, lenses and some backpacks and accesories.

We have many interesting categories for you to visit, such as Camera Reviews, Buyers Guide, and Lenses.

We have also a forum where we foster the free discussion of topics among digital photography fans. We would like you to participate there for free and even without registering.

We offer GDPR protection for all readers including residents of the United States and Great Britain.

Feel free to contact us at info@photopoint.com. We filter spam automatically in our mail inbox.

About 40% of our readers are photography beginners and 21% of them are professional photographers. Whereas 81% of our readers are from the United States, we have about 15% of readers coming from the European Union and Great Britain.

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