Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit Review

Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit Review

The Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit costs less than 3,000 Euro: Set for the entry into video production

With the Z 6 Essential Movie Kit, Nikon is offering a complete set for newcomers to digital video production for less than 3,000 euros from mid-September 2019. The set includes a Nikon Z 6 with FTZ adapter for use with Nikon F lenses, two camera batteries, an Atomos Ninja V monitor with HDMI recording, two batteries and a quick charger, an HDMI spiral cable as well as a SmallRig camera carrier with matching handle and Magic Arm. At 2,899 euros, the EIA is approximately the same as the street price of the individual parts or, depending on the source of supply, even slightly lower. Only one lens has to be purchased separately.

In the course of the year Nikon plans to release a firmware update for the Z 6, which will allow raw video recordings with the Ninja V. However, this also requires a small hardware intervention at a Nikon service partner for a fee.

Scope of delivery of the Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit, which costs almost 2,900 Euro. [Photo: Nikon]

Nikon today introduces the first kit with a mirrorless system designed specifically for video professionals and filmmakers – the Nikon Z 6 Essential Movie Kit. The kit was developed to enable a quick introduction to the production of high-quality videos and films with essential components. The kit includes the NikonZ 6 mirror-less camera and the FTZ bayonet adapter, which allows many NIKKOR lenses with F bayonet to be easily used for recording extremely high-quality 4K video at high bit rates with a full-frame sensor. The 5-axis image stabilizer in the camera, together with the Digital VR, provides blur-free results. It also supports the open Atomos protocol, which allows seamless integration of the included Atomos Ninja VMonitor recorder. Later in the year, a firmware update will be released that, when using the Atomos Ninja V, allows recording to Apple’s ProRes RAW from the camera’s RAW output for maximum flexibility in post-production (grading). The SmallRig camera mount with quick-release fastener and the handle mounted at the top allow easy tracking of the subject and thus a much quieter camera guidance for moving subjects.

With the introduction of this professional basic equipment for independent filmmakers, Nikon offers a cost-effective, compact solution with outstanding performance. Dirk Jasper, Product Marketing Manager at Nikon Europe B.V., sums up the attractiveness of the new kit as follows: “With the Z 6 Essential Movie Kit, Nikon is launching a long-awaited solution for advanced and professional video and filmmakers who want to take advantage of the outstanding video capabilities of the Nikon Z 6. The kit offers a basic equipment for filmmakers without superfluous accessories and thus opens the perfect entry into professional video production with Nikon. The upcoming RAW recording update is a future-proof investment.”
Scope of delivery
-Nikon Z 6 Camera body: 24.5 MP, 100-51,200 ISO, 4K film (generated by downsampling from 6K pixel data), up to 120 fps in FHD, 10-bit N-log and time code output, internal 8-bit recording at up to 144 Mbps, camera-internal slow-motion and time-lapse function.
-Nikon’s FTZ Bayonet Adapter: Allows the use of lenses with NIKKOR F bayonet without loss of quality, including many film lenses
Atomos Ninja V: Flexibility in using the monitor and recording in the easy-to-edit ProRes and DNxHR formats.
-SmallRig camera mount with quick release:The integrated Manfrotto-compatible quick release system allows you to switch from a tripod to a monopod and back in seconds.
-SmallRig handle for the camera carrier: Top-mounted handle for easy tracking.
-SmallRig Magic Arm: The Magic Arm Clamp attaches the Atomos Ninja V to the camera mount.
-EN-EL15b batteries: Two lithium-ion batteries that keep you ready for the next scene.
-HDMI Spiral Cable:Supports high-speed HDMI 2.0 for 4Kp60 ProRes and RAW recording at high frame rates.
-5200 mAh batteries: Two batteries and a fast charger for the Atomos Ninja Vfor long shooting days.availability and priceThe Z 6 Essential Movie Kit is expected to be available from selected retailers at a recommended retail price of EUR 2,899.00 from mid-September 2019.

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